"Finally… Proven Strategies To Make Money…”


YOU could be making money online in as little as

30 days!”

The truth is that anyone can make huge amounts of money online and that means YOU can too! And not just a few hundred pounds a month… but £5,000… £10,000… even £50,000 a monthevery month!

Don’t believe me? Then you need to read on because what you are about to discover will quite simply astound you!

Dear friend,


"It’s True! Anyone Can Make Money Online… You Just Need To Know How!"

What is also true is that it doesn’t have to take you years or even months to start making money online… you can have a home based online business up and running and making you money

in as little as 30 days!

You just need to know how. And that’s the problem… no one has told you how… and that’s what I’m going to solve for you…

right now!

So… are you interested to find out more?

You could be making money online in as little as 30 days!

Good… because I want you to imagine not having to get up to the sound of the alarm clock every morning….

Imagine instead that you get up when you want to get up. Now imagine the stress-free journey to work as you  walk from your kitchen to your home office in your study or spare room. Does that sound like the kind of start to the day that you’d like to have?

How would you like to make

this a thing of the past?

Well then, how would you feel about turning on your PC, going online and finding more money in your bank account than was in there when you went to bed! How brilliant would that be?

And that’s not all… because that is just one of the many benefits you will have when you work from home on the internet. And in as little as 30 days, starting from scratch, you can have your own online business set up and earning YOU money. However, make no mistake, this is not a get rich quick scheme… what you about to discover is how to start a solid and stable long term business on the internet using proven strategies… strategies that have been tried and tested… strategies that work.

Work Less Hours… Make More Money

The beauty of an online business is that it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And the really good news is, once it’s set up, it only requires a few hours of work a week. The rest of the time

it runs by itself on autopilot. Imagine it… you work just a couple of hours a day and earn thousands of pounds a week! Is that just not absolutely insane?

However, for many people that is a reality… and now that reality can soon be yours also.

That’s a massive amount of customers. The internet never sleeps… so while you do, your business keeps on making you money. And the power of the internet means that everything can be automated so that your business keeps working… whatever you are doing and wherever you are… be it on a Mediterranean beach… at Disneyland with your family… or even relaxing on a luxury cruise.

Not only will you be making a fantastic income… you will also have much more free time to spend with your loved ones and to live the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Because your business will be on the internet, your marketplace is worldwide.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How would you like to drive the car that you’ve always dreamed of?… or travel first class?… or stay in luxury hotels and eat in gourmet restaurants? Where would you like to live? What kind of house do you want live in? With the money that you can make with an online business you can turn those dreams into reality. Don’t forget, this is a work from home business… wherever you choose that home to be. In fact, it’s a business that you can work from wherever you are… anywhere in the world!

Do you like to travel? What would YOUR seven wonders of the world be? With the freedom that an internet business will give you, the world will be your oyster. In fact, why stop at seven wonders? Or maybe you just like to quietly relax deep in the countryside. It’s your time… it’s your life… it’s your choice.


Perhaps you have too many hobbies and not enough time to enjoy them… or maybe just one hobby that you’d like to spend more time on. The reality of this kind of business is that it gives you so much more free time that you can truly live your life the way that you’ve always dreamed of.


And of course, there is family, friends, and loved ones. Think what you could do for them. There are so many ways you can help those that mean a lot to you. And maybe you like to give to charity… how good would it feel to give your favourite charity a cheque for £1,000… £2,000… or even more!

And every one of them is tried and tested and proven… and the people who are using these methods are not only making bucket loads of cash… they are living an absolutely fantastic lifestyle as well.

Don’t let life pass you by... turn your dreams into reality

The Shocking Truth About How To Make Money

It’s easy to make money you just need to be shown how.

So… is there a proven, tried and tested, reliable and long-term way to make money on the internet?

The answer is absolutely… NO!…There isn’t just one...

There are loads of them!

What I am about to reveal to you is not how to get your hands on just one of these proven online business strategies… but how to get over one dozen different tried and tested methods that can make YOU money online… working from home… working much LESS hours than you do now.

And these are not just any old strategies… these are very powerful and proven strategies. And some of the strategies that I am going to offer to you today are so powerful that you could be making money online in as little as 30 days!…  and you can even get your business started up in your spare time!

These are internet business strategies that you can start off small and then grow and expand to where your day job becomes irrelevant and your time truly becomes  your own.

With over one dozen online money making strategies and systems to choose from you are not just getting a goldmine of money making information… you are getting an extremely flexible package that allows you to choose a system that suits you and the way you prefer to work.

Money Worries… What Money Worries?

Everyone has money worries… or do they?

Of course not. People who run any kind of successful business create wealth. They create wealth for the economy and they create wealth for themselves. Many don’t just have one luxury house... they have 2… 3… even more in some cases. They don’t just have one flash car… they have several. They don’t just have one splash out luxury holiday a year… they have one whenever the fancy takes them.

They don’t worry about how much their utility bills are... they don’t worry about how much their car insurance is... and they don’t worry about paying for household repairs.

Having a successful business gives you money, gives you a fantastic lifestyle, gives you choices… and gives you  financial freedom.

never worry about paying bills…

ever again!

Now you too can enjoy the feeling of being financially free… and much sooner than you might think. This is your opportunity to experience the freedom of not having to worry about money. Why buy on credit when you can buy outright. Do you have worries about your pension? With the money that you can make on the internet you won’t

even need your pension!

You won’t even have to worry about government budgets or the economy. Internet businesses work even in a recession. People who run successful online businesses make money 365 days of the year… year after year… after year.

The Best Business In The World

It’s true… anyone including you can make money working from home on the internet… and give up their day job. People who run successful online businesses, which make them thousands of pounds and even tens of thousands of pounds every month, range from teenagers to senior citizens (who grew up way before the computer age).

Let me explain why…

- You need no experience. Successful internet businesses work using a system.

You just need to be shown that system and follow it… one step at a time.


- You don’t need much time to get started. Making money online can be done in your spare time. Some people just make money on the internet as a hobby.


- No special premises are required. This is a true work from home business that can be worked from anywhere you want to be.


- Little or even no start up costs. You can start an internet business and make money online with just a PC or laptop and an internet connection. You can make money online without having to keep any stock or even having a product!


- Flexibility. There are many different ways to successfully make money on the internet. That gives you the opportunity to use a system that suits you.

Add to that a global marketplace that is open for business 24 hours a day and the fact that your business can run by itself on autopilot… then it’s no wonder that some internet marketers call this

the best business in the world.

Dare To Give Up Your Day Job

As I mentioned earlier, this business is recession proof. And there’s a good reason for that…

internet businesses are flexible and easily updated and expanded.

Have you had enough of this?

Once you have your business system in place it runs by itself on autopilot. So, apart from doing a bit of routine work and checking your ever-increasing bank balance, what do you do next? The answer is simplicity itself… you just start again.


Internet businesses work by following a system. Once you have income coming in from that system you simply repeat the process again until you have 2 incomes coming in… then 3… then 4… etc, etc. Not only does this massively boost your income, it more importantly gives you multiple streams of income. Should one income stream stop working you’ve got the others to keep your cash flow coming in.

Are You Ready To Live The Internet Lifestyle?

                                                      And that’s not all. As your business grows and you get more involved

                                                      with internet marketing, you will discover new strategies… as well as

                                                      the ones that I’m going to be offering to you today. Not only can you

have multiple income streams from one strategy… you can also have multiple business strategieseach one with multiple income streams. That’s a serious amount of money coming in.

What I am about to offer you today will not only give you a wealth of information about how to make an outrageously good living working on the internet… it will allow you to live an absolutely fabulous lifestyle as well. Let me just quickly remind what you are letting yourself in for if you are serious about becoming wealthy and changing your life:

- you will work from wherever you want (at home, the beach, even from a cruise ship)

- you will work the hours that suit you (get up when you want, work when you want)

- your business will virtually run itself (more time to spend with your family and to pursue your interests and


- you won’t need any staff (or the hassle that goes with it)

- you won’t need any business premises (no overheads)

- you can create multiple sources of income (without losing your free time)

- a complete beginner can achieve all of this from scratch (you don’t need any previous experience and you

  don’t need any technical skills)

Are You Ready To Live The Life

That You’ve Always Dreamed Of?

What I have to offer you today is ‘Fast Cash Secrets’a 15 DVD set which was recorded live at a seminar in London. At this exclusive seminar, no less than 14 successful internet marketers not only spill the beans on how to make serious amounts of money on the internet… they also show you how to start making money FASTin as little as 30 days!


They all have different backgrounds and different stories to tell… yet they all have one thing in common… they each have a successful online business system that works!


They all live the internet lifestyle… and they all use different strategies and systems to achieve it.

They all have one single aim… to show YOU how to start your own successful online business and start making money from the internet as quickly as possible. This isn’t just about making money on the internet… it’s about making it FAST! What’s more, they each walk you through their systems… step-by-step. And if that’s not all, they will also share with you some of their inside tips and secrets.

All YOU have to do is pick your favourite system… follow it through… one step at a time... and start making money…FAST!

The Greatest Goldmine Of FAST Money Making Information Ever Crammed Into One Product!


Just take a look at just some of the quality information

you will be getting in this package:

How to start on a shoestring budget (even nothing at all!)


How to make money without even having a product (no billing, no shipping, no customer support…  



How to run your business on autopilot (your business is working while you are out playing)


How to quickly build a powerful and responsive customer list (people who will buy from you over and

  over again)


How to start making money online in your spare time (no need to give up your day job… just yet!)


How to get people to pay you every month (month after month… after month!)


How to get other people to sell your products for you (you relax while they do work)


How to create multiple income streams (there’s no need to keep all of your eggs in one basket)


How to work less… and make more (sounds unbelievable doesn’t it?)


How to outsource your work (get someone else to do your work for you for less than £200 a month!)

Thousands Of People Now Make Money Online Who Never Thought They Could

This is the information that no one wants you to know.

These are the secrets of becoming wealthy that have been kept from you. That can all change… YOUR life can change… because this information… these secrets… can be yours right now. With this package you will become one of the select few people to have access to these powerful and life changing secrets.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants to be wealthy… not everyone wants to change their life… not everyone wants to determine what they do with their own life. HOWEVER, if you do want to change your life… if you do want to be the master of your own destiny… then everything that you need to get you onto that road is here waiting for you.

Thousands of people now run their own successful online businesses even though

they never thought they could… and now YOU can become one of them.


 - you don’t need any previous experience


 - you don’t need any technical skills


 - all you need is a PC or laptop and an internet connection


 - you can start from scratch in your spare time


 - everything is explained to you step by step


 - you can pick the strategy that’s right for you

The Shocking Truth About How To Make Money...


You Just Need To Know How!

And that is exactly what this 15 DVD set is will show you…


HOW to make massive amounts of money online

HOW to start a successful long-term business

HOW to achieve wealth on the internet with no previous experience and no technical skills.

HOW to start making that money FAST!

Here’s a quick run down of what you’ll be getting in this amazing set of information packed of DVD’s:


Do You Want To Know Why The Internet Is The Best Way To Become Wealthy?

In this introduction Mark Anastasi explains just why making money online is the easiest way to become wealthy and break yourself free from the need to ‘work’ for a living ever again.


He will also tell you why anyone can become successful on the internet… even starting with nothing… including his own personal and touching experience.


How To Make Money From Other People’s Products

Jeff Dedrick makes $10,000 – 40,000 a month.


He will show you 2 quick strategies to start making money online:


i) How to turn your existing knowledge into a downloadable money   

   making product.

   He tells you how to find out just what your market wants and how to   

   get a product quickly made. He even tells you where you can sell it.

ii) How to build a mailing list that you can sell other peoples products to… over and over   

    again. No advertising, no product, no shipping… just a nice big fat commission.


Do You Want To Have Extra Cash Flow Yet Don’t Have The Time Or The Money?

Former panel beater Steven Essa makes $4,000-18,000 in just

1 hour… without a product or a customer list!


Steven specialises in seminars that are conducted over the internet… known as webinars.


Don’t be put off by its technical sounding name or the fact that it

involves lots of people… Steven will show you just how easy setting up a webinar can be:

You just take your cut of the sales at the end


He will also show you 7 different styles of webinar so that you can pick those that suit you best.


How To Make Money By Getting Customers For Other People

One of the principles of selling online is getting customers to your       

website. On this DVD Dr Mike Woo Ming will show you how getting

customers for other peoples websites can make you a fantastic  

amount of money.


This former medical doctor shows you how to become an ‘online lead specialist’. There are many people and companies with websites who

either don’t know how to use them or simply don’t have the time.

That’s where you step in… and they’ll be more than happy to pay you for your time.


Also, you can generate lists of customers that you can sell or rent yourself.


How To Get Other People To Do Your Work For You… Very Cheaply

If making a stack of money online from working just a few hours a  

week gets a bit too much for you… simply get someone else to do it

for you.


John Jonas makes $10,000-15,000 a month without doing any of the work himself!

The beauty of why online marketing works is because it uses systems. Once you have your system up and running you can pay someone else to do it for you. And when I say ‘pay’ I mean less than £200 a month for full time outsourcing.


John will tell you...

- where to find qualified people

- why they can be trusted

- and gives you 23 inside tips for hiring people


How Much Money Can A Customer List Make You?

The answer is an average of $1 per person per month.

That means that if you have a list of 5,000 people it will make you an average of $5,000 a month.


At 23 years old, Reed Floren is semi-retired as a result of the money he has made from selling to lists of buyers.

He will show you a quick way of building a list and show you 7 different ways of making money from it.  


How To Make Money From Google Adwords

Have you seen those ads down the right hand side of a Google search page?

With the right products those ads are a goldmine waiting to be tapped by people who know how to use them properly.


Kirt Christensen has made $29 million dollars from the internet. An estimated 68% of people on the internet have seen one of Kirt’s ads (whether they knew or not).

Kirt will walk you through the 5 elements that make a successful adwords based internet business.


He will explain everything you need to know about Google Adwords, things to avoid and where to get useful resources to boost your Adwords campaigns.


How To Make Money With Blogs

Alex Goad makes over $1 million a year.


He will show you a 3-step system for making money online with

- no experience

- no technical skills

- no list

- no advertising

- no product of your own

People who have followed Alex’s system have made thousands of dollars in only a few days. One guy made $19,709 in just 2 monthsfrom an internet café!


How to start an online business at a ridiculously

low cost

Mark Vurnum went from being £150,000 in debt… to making

£1.5 million in the next 18 months!


Mark will show you how to get first page rankings on Google by simply using Wordpress blogs. He will then show you how to turn those high-ranking sites into serious streams of income.

You will discover:

• How to find the right ‘keywords’ to base your blogs on

• Where to find FREE content for your blog sites

• How to get FREE traffic to your sites

• How to get FREE links to your sites

• How to make money from your sites from affiliate sales including Amazon and Ebay


How To Make Money By Giving Away Something For Free!

Armand Morin is one of the top internet marketers in the world. His

company has made a total of $76 million… working from home.


Armand will show you how giving away something for free will…


i)  make you a lot of money at the same time (unbelievable but true)

ii) quickly build you a customer list (which you can then sell direct to)

He will also show you how to make a regular monthly income from the internet by using subscriptions. He will show you how to easily put together a newsletter and how to get articles for it… for free!


How To Make Thousands Of Dollars In Just A Few Days… Without A List

Shawn Casey is another one of the world’s top internet marketers who has made $10 million in just one year working from home.


Shawn will show you how to sell high price products to other people’s customer list by using teleseminars. These are simply seminars that are conducted over the phone.

As few as 400 people can make you $40,000 in just a few days… plus you get to add those new customers to your list.


Shawn will explain to you everything that you need to know about setting up teleseminars:

- how to set up a teleseminar (which is handled by a teleseminar company)

- how to sell to someone else’s customer list

- why it won’t cost you anything up front

- how to re-run recordings of the teleseminar for more sales

- how to manage your teleseminar

- and give you his 10 key points for running a successful teleseminar


How to make money online from commissions… even without making a sale!

Saj P made $700,000 in just a few short months!


He will show you powerful techniques for generating targeted customers to affiliate and ‘click per action’ (CPA) web sites.


He will show you:

• How to choose which products to promote

• How to generate FREE traffic to your affiliate link

• How to generate FAST traffic to your affiliate link

• How to use advertising networks to streamline your advertising campaign

• How to make commissions from people who don’t even buy anything


The World Is Your Oyster… Yet This Man Makes Millions Of Pounds Just From Selling In The UK!

David Anderson put up a website which made him £94,130 in only

15 days… he makes £12,000 a day from doing 2 days work a month on another site and he has made £60,000 in just one single day!


He will share with you his 8 different business models that have made him a multi-millionaire. This is a classic example of how you can create multiple streams of income by using several different strategies…

• The Internet

• Downloads

• Joint Ventures

• Direct Mail

• Adwords

• Viral Marketing

• Email

• Subscriptions


How To Make Money While You Sleep

After getting fired from his job, Brett McFall vowed never to be in that position again. In his first year online he made $100,000 and has since become one of Australia’s top internet marketers.


Brett will show you, step by step, a 7-step foolproof system for making money online.


The wealth of information he will share with you includes:

- how to find a market

- how to find out what that market wants

- an easy way to create a product

- how to get customers to your website

- how to sell to customers who didn’t buy first time

- how to get other people to sell your products for you


What Prevents You From Becoming Wealthy Right Now?

Is there a reason some people succeed while others fail?

If anyone can become wealthy… why don’t they?


In this final DVD Mark Anastasi delves into the hidden depths of the mind and reveals to you why our education system and our society has taught you to ‘work for a living’ instead of ‘how to make money’…

and he shows you how you can re-educate yourself.

Mark invites you to find out what beliefs are holding you back and tells you how you can create new positive beliefs that will take you and your new online business forward to a long and profitable future.


Also on this DVD you will hear the real life experiences and insights of people who have recently started their own online businesses. Hear about their success stories and discover what made them take the crucial first step that started them on the road of success. If they can do it… YOU can too.

"Finally… Proven Strategies To Make Money Fast"

With the right knowledge anyone can make fantastic sums of money online… £5,000 a month… £10,000 a month…£50,000 a month

even more!

And YOU can start making money online right away. In this package you

are given step-by-step details of how to make money online… not just by

one expert… but by no less than 14 successful internet marketers.

Not only do they give you a wealth of fantastic money making systems, they also give you strategies that can start making you money within just 30 days! Just imagine creating your own internet income source… starting from scratch… in as little as 30 days.

If you are serious about making life-changing sums of money then you couldn’t wish for a better start than this. Build the foundations of a successful long-term online business and the sound of the alarm clock will soon be a distant memory.


The benefits of making money online are not just the fact that you can make outrageously more money than you can from your day job… the real benefit is that it will take you less time to do it. And less time spent working means more time for yourself and to spend with your family and loved ones.


Once you have your internet business up and running it will continue to make you money on autopilot. This is a business that will make you pots of cash morning, noon and night… while you are on holiday, spending time with your family or just enjoying one of your hobbies.

You will be literally making money while you sleep!

This could be YOU…

hard at work earning thousands of  pounds a  week!

Having The Life That You’ve Always Dreamed Of Is Easier Than You Think!

If you don’t have enough time to enjoy your hobbies at the moment then you soon will have. More money and more time means you can enjoy the lifestyle that you wish for… and live the life that you truly deserve.


Drive the car that you really want, not one that ‘makes do’. Go on holiday to the places that you really want to, not just the places that your budget will allow. In fact, why not treat yourself to 2 or 3 holidays a year… after all, your online business will still be working… even if you’re not.

 More Time…            More Money…          More Life…                   More Freedom…

- Stop worrying about bills

- Stop worrying about house repairs

- Stop worrying about your retirement


Now is the time to start a better life for you and your family.

It’s True! Anyone Can Make Money Online…

All of the fantastic information on these DVD’s come in easy to follow, step by step detail. ANYONE can make money online… you just need to be given the right information by the right people.



- You don’t need any previous experience or technical skills.

  (you just follow the system… one step at a time)


- You don’t need much time to get started.

  (start in your spare time and watch your business grow)


- You don’t need any special premises.

  (this is a true work from home business… and you can start it right now)


- There is little or even no start up costs.

  (you just need a PC or laptop, an internet connection and the desire to live the life of your dreams)


- You have flexibility.

  (you will be shown a variety of different strategies for making money online. Choose the system that suits you   

  best… expand it the way that suits you best)


- Your marketplace is open 24 hours a day!   (while you sleep… your business doesn’t)

Isn’t it about time that you stopped dreaming about a better life and started living it instead? You too can join the privileged few that know the secrets and strategies that can make you thousands of pounds a week.

So, how much is a life-changing package like this worth?

Think about this - people paid a lot of money to attend this 3-day seminar… as well as their travel and hotel costs. They only had 3 days to listen to 14 speakers and take in all of the valuable information that was presented to them.

You can have all of that priceless information delivered direct to your door… you can watch and listen to the speakers from the comfort of your armchair… you can replay them as often as you like and be sure that you never miss any vital nugget of information… all in your own time.

ALL of these powerful, tried, tested and proven strategies can be yours, right now, for only £497

‘Fast Cash Secrets’ isn’t just a package that gives you

over one dozen successful money making strategies that

can make you anything up to £50,000 a month… or even more!

This is an investment into your future and your family’s future.

However… that’s not all…

To become wealthy you have to ‘want’ to become wealthy. Now, that might seem like an obvious thing to say… however, the sad fact of the matter is that many people start off with good intentions yet fail at the very first step… they fail to take action!


Why on earth would anyone do that?


The fact is that somewhere in the back of some peoples’ minds there is doubt. They don’t know it but when the time comes to take action they talk themselves out of it. The answer to this problem is to make sure that your mind is willing to succeed… and that’s why I am very pleased to offer you a very special FREE bonus when you order ‘Fast Cash Secrets’.


(value £97)

I am going to give you, completely free, “It’s All In Your Mind” a 2 DVD set featuring the legendary Pat Mesiti.

Through a series of insights, anecdotes and thought provoking humour, Pat Mesiti will show you why rich people think differently to less well off people. You will find out why the way you think can seriously limit your ability to achieve your goals and your dreams… and you will discover how you can take your mind to the next level of thinking… and in turn take you to the next level of success.

Pat will reveal to you the secrets of

- changing your attitude (and why it’s so important)

- shifting your focus (how to think about what you want… not about what you don’t have)

- changing the direction of your life (how to turn your dreams into reality)

- how to create a successful environment (why some people are holding you back)

 …and much, much more

Pat is the author of several books and he gives talks around the world to help individuals and businesses alike change their mindset and thinking towards success and prosperity. You will find Pat insightful, funny and at times moving… but most of all, he will motivate and inspire you to take your first step to becoming prosperous and fulfilling your dreams… that all-important step of taking action.

And the offer doesn’t end there…


30 Days to Niche Success

This 60-page ebook expands on the strategies you will

learn in ‘Fast Cash Secrets’

inside you will find

- How to build a winning website, even if you don't know anything about HTML.

- How to find the most profitable niches

- How to find the most profitable keywords relating to your chosen niche

- How you can optimally use those keywords to ensure the success of your website.

- How to properly write articles for content.

- How to properly write articles for an article marketing campaign.

- The secrets of press release techniques, as well as a list of almost 100 newswire   

  websites where you can submit your press releases.

- A blog-RSS combo that will constantly generate traffic for your website

When you buy ‘Fast Cash Secrets’ you will be able to download this ebook straight away and delve into its secrets without delay.


Clickbank Wealth Guide

You will also receive this fantastic 116 ebook. In this book you will

be shown a proven system for making money with affiliate marketing.

Clickbank is the king when it comes to making commissions from selling other people’s products.

Clickbank gives you access to thousands of downloadable affiliate products that you can sell and make serious amounts of money from.

In its pages you will find:


· Quick Start Warm-Up; a beginners guide to affiliate marketing


· Surfer Cash Strategies; how to identify your niche market quickly and easily!


· From Beginner To Pro; how to become a seasoned pro with additional techniques and proven    

   strategies to increase your profits.


· How to create a virtually indestructible campaign that will produce staggering results using the   

   strategies that are used by the biggest names in affiliate marketing!


· How To Take It To The Next Level! How you can create your OWN army of active affiliates who will   

   promote your products and services when you decide to take your online business to the next level!

And again, the amazing information in this book will be available for you to download immediately.


One Month to 1000 List Members

Discover How To Build A List Of 1000 Members In Less Than One Month!

One of the money making options available to you is to create a list of buyers that you can sell to… over and over again!

On average each person on your list is worth $1 income a month to you.

And a list of 1,000 is just the start…


In this 38 page ebook you will be given strategies for creating a mailing list of targeted buyers that will return to your site again and again and earn you thousands and thousands of pounds.

In its pages you will discover:


- Why the customer feels committed to you after giving you their email address.

- How this is an indication that they are willing to spend money on the internet.

- How you can use their initial purchase to give you an indication of how much money

  they are willing to spend.

- How having this kind of list can save you hours chasing down new prospects every day.

And just like the previous 2 ebooks, this will be available for you to download right away!


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